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1 flesh of a large European flatfish
2 a large brownish European flatfish [syn: Psetta maxima]

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From Old (and modern) turbot, from Old Swedish tornbut, from törn (“thorn”) + but (“butt, flatfish”).


  • /ˈtɜ:bət/


  1. Any of various flatfishes of family Scophthalmidae that are found in marine or brackish waters.


any of various flatfishes of family Scophthalmidae



Old French, from Old Swedish tornbut, from törn ‘thorn’ + but ‘butt’.




fr-noun m

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Turbot (family Scophthalmidae, order Pleuronectiformes) are flatfish native to marine or brackish waters of the North Atlantic.


Taxon name

The taxon name for Turbot comes from the Greek language: skopein meaning "to look" and ophthalmos meaning "eye".

Pronunciation of "Turbot"

The name of the fish may be pronounced tur-bit or tur-but (in rhotic English or , in non-rhotic English or ). Alternatively, American English speakers may often pronounce turbot as tur-bo ( ). This is likely a back-formation based on French words ending in -ot; the French pronunciation of "turbot" () may be approximated in English as "tour-bought".

Varieties of Turbot

The European turbot (Psetta maxima) is a large left-eyed flatfish found primarily close to shore in sandy shallow waters throughout the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the North Atlantic. The European turbot has an asymmetrical disk-shaped body, and may attain sizes of 30 to 40 pounds (approx. 15 to 17 kilograms). Greenland Turbot (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides), sometimes known as blue halibut or Greenland halibut, is usually harvested in the cold waters off Greenland in water depths of up to 1000m. Both flavor and texture is very similar to Pacific Halibut.

Turbot as food fish

Turbot is highly prized as a food fish for its delicate flavour. It is a valuable commercial species, acquired through aquaculture and trawling. Turbot are farmed in France, Spain, Chile, Norway and China. Turbot has a bright white flesh that retains its appearance when cooked. Like all flatfish, turbot yields four fillets with meatier topside portions that may be baked, poached or pan-fried.

Turbot vision

Turbot has the sharpest vision out of all fish species.

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